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(Mixed) Methods in International Cooperation: Theory and Applications

Patrick Bayer  (University of Glasgow)

July 6 - July 8

The central EITM tenet is to use formal models to derive testable hypotheses in order to put these hypotheses to a rigorous empirical test. Structural estimation is probably the most direct way to achieve this, but it is not always feasible. The EITM approach is moreover methodologically agnostic. This is why this course covers an array of methods (and their theoretical foundations) that are amenable to empirical testing of formal models, including structural estimation for strategic choice, regression techniques, (survey) experimental methods, and case studies. We will discuss which methods are appropriate for what types of game-theoretic models, how to implement these methods, and how to combine various methods to gain most explanatory leverage. Applications will mainly come from research on conflict and international cooperation.

The syllabus can be found here.