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Refresher Course in Mathematics and R

James Lo (University of Southern California)

24 June - 25 June

R is an open-source language and environment for data analysis and graphics. As an open source package, it is, on the one hand, fully transparent to the user and can be regarded as under continuous `peer review'. On the other hand, it is free of charge. Yet what makes R an invaluable tool for EITM studies, is the ease in which new analytical methods can be implemented in R. As a consequence there are already more than 2000 user-contributed extension packages available for R, which implement many of the most advanced methods in data analysis.

This course combines a review of basic mathematics relevant for EITM studies with a practical application of these methods with R as a computational framework. Topics of the course include a review of linear algebra, elementary calculus, numerical optimisation, and probability distributions.